Rotation Pilot

Rotation Pilot 1.0.4

Easy fix for visual slopes on your photos


  • Automatic fix
  • Easy to use
  • Includes some other tools for rotating, resizing and mirroring photos


  • Cropping eliminates part of photo's borders


Imagine spending the whole weekend taking lovely pictures of landscapes... only to arrive home and see that the skyline in some of them is completely tilted.

Don't worry, there's an easy way to fix it. Simply use Rotation Pilot and restore the horizon to its original position while keeping the same image quality as the original photo.

This is how it works: load the picture and draw a line with your mouse along the horizon (the tilted one, not the one you'd like to have). The program will automatically rotate the picture to the desired position. If there's any cropping or smoothing needed, you can also enable those options and let Rotation Pilot do the job, though the cropping will obviously affect the borders of the original photo. The program also includes rotating, resizing and mirroring options for further photo edition.

With Rotation Pilot you can easily fix visual slopes and tilted horizons in your digital photos.

With Rotation Pilot you no longer have to guess on how many degrees you should rotate your image to adjust a visual slope, often appearing on amateur photographs. Set a vertical or horizontal axle and the software will do the rest!

The program contains the following special tools: Rotation, with which you can rotate a photo in three different ways; Resize, that lets you resize an image quickly and easily; and Flip, which enables you to flip an image with just a click on an appropriate thumbnail.

See other handy features in Rotation Pilot:

  • image slope adjusting by specifying a horizontal or vertical axis
  • auto cropping external edges arising after photo rotation
  • quick image resizing without calculating and entering pixel values
  • switching to the next or previous image in the current folder

Rotation Pilot


Rotation Pilot 1.0.4

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